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The historic Allegretti shop offers different models of latex mattresses in Turin. This type of products has been one of the most sold during the last years, owning all the characteristics necessary to have a good sleep and to live the rest of the day in full wellness. The staff is available to help you making the best choice possible for the relax and sleep with calm, thanks to the items of naturals origin such as the latex mattress.

Un materiale naturale

Latex is a vegetal lymph coming from the trunk of the Hevea Brasilien sis, a plant native of the South-East of Asia, better known as “India rubber”. Thanks to specific industrial procedures that combines oxygen particles with this natural substance, ant this make it possible the creation of the so called lather, the raw material used in the latex mattresses. From this combination items for the relaxation are born, all of them available in the store Allegretti Materassi. It is a kind of mattress with wellness potentials, that allows to obtain an extremely comfortable sleep. The latex mattresses, in fact, are studied to follow the body’s curves and to help the internal breathing, so that the correct and pleasant temperature can be kept. Among the positive characteristics of this material there are:

  • latex is a hygienic and hypoallergenic material
  • latex is a long-lasting material
  • latex is elastic. The elasticity, furthermore, accompanied by and high resilience, the capability to re-gain the very first shape when the weigh is no longer present. 

The result is an ergonomic latex mattress in Turin, a characteristic which is very important for a mattress that respects the physiological curves of the back, ensuring to the spine the most correct position during the sleep, but also easily recover the original dimensions. The elasticity, moreover, grants a complete muscular relax and a better blood circulation, allowing the weight to distribute in a homogeneous way, pressing the surface only in the contact point.

At the Allegretti shop it is possible to choose among the different kinds of latex mattresses, in different shapes and zones, for the correct breathing of every part of the body. The absence of metallic parts prevents from the formation of magnetic fields. However, being it made by a unique rubber block, the latex mattress makes easier the heat dispersion and the humidity that usually create during the sleep, it does not make it very suitable for those who tents to sweat.