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At Allegretti Materassi it is available a wide range of last generation of automatic nettings and slats as well. Thanks to the collaboration of a highly qualified staff, always updated with the last news in the field, the company is capable to realize high-quality products, all of them capable of matching a traditional comfort to innovative technologies.

The automatic slats and nettings are a match of comfort, technology, resistance and practicality. They can help you, first of all, if you are one of those people with motoric problems: in this case you will be helped, thanks to the side with foldable dorsal almost up to 90 degrees, in lifting the body up to a sit position and to go down easier and get out of the bed. They are ideal for those who are obliged to stay in bed for long periods: you will find the automatic nettings and slats in Turin at Allegretti Materassi. The chance to regulate them to the millimeter, in fact, give some rest to the most stressed parts of the body, such as the spine, by offering them an aid to lift spontaneously.
Automatic nettings and slats are not only a solution for those who have motoric problems or orthopedic diseases, they also are comfortable solutions for those who love to watch TV or to read a book.

The main structures of the automatic nettings and slats offered by Allegretti Materassi are composed by a double framework in plates wood, foldable on different levels, to allow the body and/or the legs lifting, in and independent and ergonomic way. The control takes place thanks to a remote control, available both with a wire or wireless.

Who is looking for automatic nettings and slats in Turin, will appreciate the offer of Allegretti Materassi. The models available allow optimal levels of comfort and elasticity, and they are also available with perimetral moving damped systems, with regulators of lumbar rigidity, and dorsal differentiate capacity.