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The Allegretti Materassi catalogue also includes an infinite series of wooden nettings and slats in Turin capable of granting the quality standards typical of the best brands, both Italian and internationals. The wooden slats offered are capable of granting excellent performance in terms of resistance, comfort and functionality. 
The exhibited models are realized with first quality essences, and they can be practically moved, with manual dispositive easy to start to make easier the most adapt positioning to your wellness.
The wooden multilayers nettings and slats supplied by Allegretti are available in foldable models, orthopedic, anatomic, fixed, with lifting in the parts for head and feet. The staff is available for giving all the information about the different kinds to buy, according to the personal needs of relaxation and to the dimensions of the owned bed.


The nettings and slats are the support of the mattress. They are composed by an iron structure with deformable boards, with the purpose of sustaining the mattress and insulate it from the cold and humidity of the pavement. 

What is necessary, first of all, is to think about the choice of the wooden nettings and slats in Turin, and whether they will have to sustain a traditional bed or a modern one. For a traditional bed the best nettings, in fact, are the fixed ones, not foldable, since a normal mattress cannot be fold and a foldable netting would risk to ruin it.

Another aspect to consider is the height. A good wooden netting and slats can’t be shorter than 65 centimeters. In fact, who is relaxing must be protected from the pavement and the duster that stockpiles under the bed. The wood the boards are usually made of, is the beech one because it is resistant and elastic at the same time.

At Allegretti Materassi it is possible to find slats in all measures. From the traditional double nettings and slats up to the ones “in the French way”, form the single ones to the out measured.