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With a wide range also in pillows and accessories in Turin, Allegretti Materassi proposes itself as a landmark for those who are used to think about the bed as a complex system, composed by many elements which must interact correctly between themselves, in order to grant a healthy and energizing relax. For this reason, at the showroom you will find plenty of functional and different products, so that every personal and physic need of the user can be met. A good pillow must have these characteristics:

  • it must suit the head and neck profile, correctly sustaining the cervical zone
  • it must well fulfill the space between the head and shoulders
  • it must have good breathing qualities 
  • it must be protected by covers washable in water 

The consistence of the pillow is as much important as the one of the mattress. A pillow which is too soft can led your face to crumble, creating breathing problems during the nights, a problem that already gives complaints to a lot of people. On the other hand, a pillow which is too hard prevent your neck from relaxing, a serious problem for those who suffer of cervical aches. However, it is not possible to say, in an absolute way, what the better possible cushion is, because it depends on the position which you sleep in.


It is important, though, to know how to choose the most adapt cushion, the one suiting better your relaxation. For this reason, the staff of Allegretti Materassi is completely available to address the client towards the most suitable purchasing, in order to avoid the serious backaches and neck aches that a wrong choice can bring. For a correct choice, it necessary, in the first place, to make sure that the spine lays in a correct position during the night. The width of the cushion is not a discriminating factor, while the height can become so. For those who sleep face up, the advice is to choose a pillow which is a bit higher, so that it can adequately sustain the neck and follow the natural curve of the spine. To the opposite, those who sleep face down, it is better to choose a pillow which is low and wide, so that it does not push the face upward: this would constrict the vertebras to stretch out in a non-natural way. Eventually, those who are used to sleep on the side should choose medium-heigth cushions


The Memory cushions (in soy and thermic-plastic material) adapts to every need, by un-shaping and adapting to the weight of the head. For this reason, they are particularly advisable for those who have serious problems to the cervical area. Also the latex pillows grant a true comfort. Furthermore, they are ecologic, breathing, hypoallergenic, hygienic and anatomic products. Pillows in lining: soft, anti-bacteria, hygienic, hypoallergenic, available with cotton coverings.


At Allegretti Materassi are available, other than the pillows and accessories in Turin: 

  • Mattress liners
  • Netting covers in felt with laces in the corners, to be tied both to the slats and to the netting
  • Mattress covers
  • Sheets for kids
  • Topper correcting the mattress, with a memory layer
  • Artisanal mattresses for the crib